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Information about Weys Spaces activities & events marketplace

How it works

How it works

Use Weys mobile phone app to take photos and list with ease. Discover unique experiences.

Weys discovery app increases new results you will get from proven systems, a guarantee you will love our product, we will save you money, and it's safe and easy to use.

We are here to help

Web chat click the red circle in the bottom right of screen, send us a message

Email  info @

Weys uses STRIPE for safe and secure payments.
They handle millions of payments for 1000s of companies around the world every day.

Charge what you want

You pick your price. Need help? Let us know and we will assist you.

Only pay when you get paid

We charge 10% commission bookings.
No listing fee.

Get paid quickly

Money direct via bank transfer. 

Our payment provider charges a percentage per transaction for VISA and MASTERCARD which is part of the 10% commission fee.

Hiring Customers

Contact owners of studios and locations discuss the days you want to hire or sublet spaces and easily pay through the website with credit cards (Mastercard Visa).

What payment methods can you use

Mastercard and Visa cards are accepted as payment, you are charged and the booking is finalised when the owner confirms that the booking has been scheduled, you will receive notification via email of the booking.

Owners of locations & Venue

Don't miss out on this opportunity, register your business at no cost to you. Offer your location or Venue, choose the price, display images of the creative spaces, describe the facilities and availability on a calendar.

How do you get paid as a owner

When you receive a booking you will be asked to confirm the booking is suitable to your calendar schedule, once you confirm this the payment is processed and the calendar on the website updates confirming the dates that are booked, you will need to update availability for the booking for your records offline.

For you to get paid you must setup a bank account to get paid into from our payment system. 

Weys usually releases payments to owners 24 hours after the guest booking is scheduled. Time for the payment to appear in your account may depend on which method of payment used. Weys disburses payments to a bank account of your choosing.

Should you wish to simply use the website as an advertisement on a directory basis this is provided at no cost to you and you do not need to accept payment through the website.

To hire or sublet your creative spaces:

- Search the website and select the spaces location/studio

- The website uses maps to find localised places, search or browse

- You’ll see your hosts picture, details, and can discuss your needs with the host

- Payment can be made by credit card

- The host will confirm or decline the booking and you will receive notification

- After you have used the location, you can rate your experience and provide feedback to help us improve the Weys experience


Create a listing of your spaces location or studio:

- At the top of the website select the + button add location or select create location in the menu

- Choose the category

- Choose the pricing either hire per hour or per day

- Fill in the information

- Set your hiring/sublet price

- Set cancellation minimum notice

- Add minimum booking days if required

- Use map to set location

- Select availability

- Add images

- Post listing